Yellow Fustic extract

Yellow Fustic extract

Morus Tinctoria or Maclura Tinctoria

100 % pure Yellow Fustic extract. The powder colour ranges from deep yellow to brown. With its rich content of Morin and Maclurin, it gives a wide variety of colours, following the ions/mordant used.
- with bichromate of potash: old gold
- with Logwood and bichromate of potash: greenish yellows
- with Copper sulfate : olive greens
- with ferrous sulfate : dark greens

Aqueous extraction, concentration, spray-drying.

Beige Yellow to beige fine powder.

No particular smell.

(10 % solution) : 5.1 +/- 1

The colour of our products may vary from one lot to another, because that’s the way Nature is, but this won’t impact the technical applications.
SCRD guarantees the botanical sincerity of its products but can in no case be held responsible for the use of these products. The customer is sole responsible for using them legally, safely and in well-known applications.

These packagings are not compatible with cosmetic or pharmaceutical usages. We cannot provide a certificate of analysis for this product.

External use only. Keep away from eyes.
Can cause allergies.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not store in extreme temperatures.
Keep out of direct sun light.

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